Oxygen Energizing Cream - SKINOVAGE

50ml | 75€

Light and smooth cream that provides intense hydration and restores luminosity to the facial skin, reducing the feeling of tightness.

Oxygen Energizing Cream VITA BALANCE, from SKINOVAGE line, is indicated for dry and dehydrated skin.
It can be used 24 hours, being also indicated as makeup base. When combined with the Moisturizing Argan Cream VITA BALANCE is an ideal treatment for the Summer.
The Pure Oxygen supplies oxygen to cells, giving them more power, and Stem Cells of the Alps protect the DNA of the skin preventing its aging.
All the properties of Oxygen Energizing Cream VITA BALANCE help skin regain elasticity, moisturize and soften the feeling of tightness.
This cream is desirable to after pregnancy, since rebalances the properties of the skin care returning to assign the appearance and the overall hydration.


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