200ml | 31€

Suitable for all skin types, HY-OL is the first of two stages of daily cleansing ritual. Removes all facial skin imurezas and moisturizes.

The Cleansing Oil HY-OL, from CLEANSING line, is the first of two phases of Babor's daily cleansing ritual, gently and thoroughly removes all impurities from the skin keeping a hydrated face.
The molecule contained in HY-OL enters deep into the pores of the facial skin providing a more effective cleansing.
This cleansing oil, hydrophilic, antiallergic and herbal also has a makeup removal effect and always needs to be combined with the Phytoactive most suitable for each type of skin.

The daily cleansing ritual is performed in two steps. It begins with the application of HY-OL and then the most appropriate Phytoactive to skin type.
Babor's cleansing ritual is only effective with the application of the two steps.


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