The plant's soul in the form of a 100% pure oil and it's therapeutic properties for your well being.

Rosemary Essence

7€ | 10ml

Fresh and aromatic, the Rosemary has stimulating effects and is ideal for creating a harmonious and energy-rich environment. (read more)

Lavender Essence

8€ | 10ml 

Engaging and with a floral aroma, Lavender is one of the most used essential oils and has calming effects bringing together the appropriate properties to create a tranquil environment. (read more)

Bergamote Essence

8€ | 10ml

Citrus and fresh, Bergamot has calming effects. It is an essential oil that relaxes and can be used to create a warm, peaceful and soothing atmosphere. (read more)

Lemongrass Essence

8€ | 10ml 

Harmonious and with an exotic aroma, Lemongrass is the preferred essence by Float in. With stimulating effects it is a gentle essence and can be perfect to create an engaging and full environment welfare. (read more)

Lemon Essence

7€ | 10ml

Lemon in its pure state. The invigorating effects of this essential oil has therapeutic properties and can be used to create a cool environment with citrus aroma. (read more)

Ylang-Ylang Essence

9€ | 10ml

Strong and engaging, Ylang-Ylang is the one of the richest plants. It has relaxing effects but can also create an intense and romantic atmosphere. (read more)

Relaxation Essence

9€ | 10ml

Known for their relaxing properties, clary sage, lavender, petit grain and vetiver were the members selected to compose this blend of soothing essential oils. The Relaxation Essence is perfect to provide good moments of relaxation. (read more)

Aphrodisiac Essence

10€ | 10ml

A mix of essential oils with aphrodisiac effects. A careful selection of palmorosa, geranium, neroli, cloves and ylang-ylang essence to create this strong aroma and stimulating took place. (read more)

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