Float in Spa Promotions

Spring Promotion: Rejuvenate!

icon-calendaricon-voucher Float Session, 50min | 50€ | March Promo 39€* (see more)

A natural terapy that is equal to 4/6 hours of sleep, cuts off stress and deeply relaxes your body.

icon-calendaricon-voucher New Energy Massage, 1h30min | 85€ | March  Promo 74€*(see more)

A Float in signature massage, anti-stress and detox that treats all the muscles of your body.

icon-calendar Beauty Plus Complement, 40min | 55€ | March Promo 30€* (see more)

Complement your favorite massage with the essential beauty care. Includes: exfoliation, body hydration and a mini-facial.

An Afternoon at the Spa

icon-calendaricon-voucher  Woman Zen & Beauty Package, 2h45min | 135€ | March  Promo 110€* (see more)

Combine Relaxation with Beauty Care with a unique program you only find in Float in. Especially prepared for women this program combines the unique effects of Flotation with those of various Relaxation and Beauty treatments.

icon-calendaricon-voucher Float in Supreme, 3h | 140€ | March  Promo 124€*(see more)

The 3 main Float in Spa treatments in 3h of pure pleasure.

Massage of the Month

icon-calendaricon-voucher Therapeutic Massage, 1h10min | 70€ | Massage of the Month 64€* (see more)

Recover injuries, eliminate muscle pains and localized stresses while performing the Therapeutic Massage.

*Campaign valid until 31/03/2019. Vouchers with promotional treatments valid for 6 months. Not combinable with other discounts. The Beauty Plus Pack is only valid as a supplement to your treatment.

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