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After the holidays, continue the summer “good wave” at Float in.

In September, towards the Orient!

From the most relaxing to the most invigorating, all your well-being in an Oriental Massage.

Oriental Float in Massage, 1h10min | 70€ | September Promo 63€* (see more)

Ayurvedic Massage,
 60min | 70€ |  September Promo 63€* (see more)

Thai Massage, 60min | 70€ |  September Promo 63€* (see more)

Float Session + Oriental Float in Massage,
 2h15min | September Promo 94€* (see more)

To relax every day!

So that you can relax all year as you did this summer, we invite you to purchase a relaxing massage pack and we offer one aditional Massage for free. Invest on your well being and enjoy your free massage.

Pack 4 Relaxing Massages + 1 Offer, 5x60min | 195€** (see more)

Massage of the Month

Therapeutic Massage, 60min | 70€ | September Promo 59€* (see more)

To regain energy after a busy summer. An ideal massage to recover from injuries, muscle pain and localized tensions.

Essential After Summer

After the summer excesses it is time to take a deep treatment so that this summer will only keep the good memories!

Facial Comfort and Hydration, 1h10min | 60€ | September Promo 54€* (see more)

Facial Purifying Plus Balance, 1h10min | 65€ | September Promo 59€* (see more)

Lymphatic Drainage or Modeling Massage/Anti-Cellulite, 60min | 60€ | September Promo 50€* (see more)

More Summer Fresh

We can't prolong summer, but we can extend the duration of Summer Fresh Massage! Enjoy the 1h30min massage for the price of the 1h10min massage.

Summer Fresh Massage, 1h30min | 85€ | September Promo 70€* (see more)

*Campaign valid until 30/09/2019.  Vouchers valid for 6 months. Not combinable with other campaigns or offers.

**Campaign valid until 30/09/2019.  Vouchers valid for 6 months. Not combinable with other campaigns or offers. Pack and Offer Massage valid for 3 months.

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