Float in Spa Promotions

November + Relaxing

Relax is the word of order, to November! 

Choose your favorite promotion an have a even more relaxing Float In Experience.

Massage + Relax

For just 5€ get a long version of our assignature Float In Massages.

icon-calendaricon-voucher Special Relaxing Massage, 1h30min |  85€ | November Promo 75€* (see more)

icon-calendaricon-voucher Oriental Float in Massage, 1h30min |  85€ | November Promo 75€* (see more)

icon-calendaricon-voucher New Energy Massage, 1h30min |  85€ | November Promo 75€* (see more)

Massage + Zero Gravity

Add a 30 minutes flutuation session to your massage for just + 19€ and have the best relaxation ever.

Complement Float Session, 30min | November Promo +19€* (see more)

Massage + Beauty Plus

Get with your relaxing moment of a massage, the  Beauty essencial care with the Beauty Plus.

Complement Beauty Plus, 40min | 55€ |  November Promo +30€* (see more)

Facial: Autumn Essencial

With the cold days comming, hydrate and balance your face skin, with this complete facial treatment. Ideal to avoid appearance of wrinkles.

icon-calendaricon-voucher Facial Comfort and Hydration, 1h10min | 60€ | November Promo 49€* (see more)

Massage of Month

With the cold days comming, have the supreme relax with our oils and hot stones on this Exclusive Float In massage.

icon-calendaricon-voucher Hot Oils Supreme Massage, 1h10min | 70€ | November Promo 59€* (see more)

For Float in to you

In November we offer you a Voucher with 20% value of your purchases, to spend in your shopping in the month of December.**

*Promotion valid until 25/11/2018. Vouchers valid for 6 months. Not combinable with other campaigns or offers.

**Campaign valid for purchases made during the month of November. For each purchase, Float In offers a voucher worth 20% of the value of the purchase, this voucher can be used to purchase non-promotional treatments or products until the 24 of December 2018.