Woman Zen & Beauty Package

Float Session (40min), Body Scrub, Relaxing Massage or Lymphatic Drainage and a hydrating mini-facial (1h40min). Includes tea ritual.

2h45min | 135€ | Woman's Day Promo 110€

An exclusive spa program specially designed for women, which combines the unique effects of a session and flotation with those of various relaxation and beauty treatments.

This program relaxes deeply.

Includes the beauty care essential to achieving the perfect balance between body and mind.

2h45min | 135€ | Woman's Day Promo 110€

More Details about Program

This spa program begins with the unique experience of a float session to relieve you from all the stress and worries and calm you down. The floatation will also help to prepare your body, so that it can fully receive the following treatments.

After the float session, the tea ritual is held in the bamboo room, where we invite you to choose a tea out of our tea menu

The program then continues with a relaxing exfoliation throughout the body to remove impurities and dead skin cells. After the exfoliation, you will receive a Relaxation Massage with deep and engaging movements that will release the muscular tensions of the whole body. Finally, the program ends with a mini-facial treatment to balance and bring back the shine to your face.

At the end of the spa program you will feel very zen, with no stress, with the skin cared for, smooth and hydrated.

The program may include lymphatic drainage instead of Relaxation Massage if your aim is to eliminate toxins and the liquid waste from your body.

You can also choose to perform a similar program without the Floating Session (Woman Spa Ritual, 100 minutes, € 95).


This package, as well as all Float in packages that include a Float Session, is only available at Float in Spa Rato and Float in Spa Picoas.

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