Supreme Detox Package

Float session (40min), detox tea ritual, Lymphatic Drainage or invigorating Oriental Massage (1h10min), light meal, Himalayan salt scrub, Purifying wrap with dead sea mud and Purifying plus Balance or Reaffirming and Rejuvenating Facial Treatment (1h40min).

3h45min | 195€

Try this rejuvenating spa journey to the Dead Sea that includes an exclusive combination of purifying and detoxifying treatments, prepared to provide you unique moments of relaxation and pleasure.

3h45min | 195€

More Details about Program

This program begins with a float session, a solution of water and salt similar to the Dead Sea where you will deeply relax your body and mind. The float session will enhance the detoxifying effect of the whole program. The magnesium component of the salt used in the float session (Epsom salt) will improve the smoothness and rejuvenation of the skin, prevent the appearance of cellulite and contribute for toxin elimination.

After the float session the program continues with a relaxed moment in the bamboo room, where you are invited to have a cup of tea with detoxifying properties. Then, it’s the moment for a a lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and fluid retention or with an energizing oriental massage to leave you up in the clouds.

A light meal will be offered to you in the bamboo room in between treatments.

Then a body scrub is performed with Himalayan salt that will get your body ready for the following purifying envelopment with Dead Sea mud, to eliminate all your skin impurities. This envelopment also has anti cellulite properties. A facial treatment will also be performed with a purifying mask to deeply cleanse the skin of your face and leave it with a renewed look.

The spa program ends with Purify and rejuvenate yourself with this exclusive Float in program.

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