Program Hot Stones Balance & Beauty

Float Session ( 35min), 4 Hands Massage and Hot Stone Massage ( 1h15min), Tea Ritual, Body Exfoliation, Hydration and Mini-facial ( 45min)

3h | 180€

Have an unforgettable experience of well being and give your body and spirit to one of the most complete and relaxing programs of Float in spa.

This program combines the unique relaxation of the Float Session and Hot Stones Massage with a 4 Hand Massage and various beauty rituals.

3h | 180€

More Details about Program

A massage with hot volcanic stones is one of the most relaxing spa experience that you can enjoy. The warmth of the hot stones promotes relaxation and their unique therapeutic properties balance your energy. This also includes hands relaxation massage techniques performed by two therapists simultaneously. The 4 hands in sync, will engage your body in a unforgettable spa experience.

Because you will receive this massage after the float session, you will benefit from the energy and relaxing effects of both treatments, which are enhanced by the joint implementation. When you start the massage after the float session, your mind will no longer be in the stress of day- to-day and your body will be completely prepared to receive the 4 hands massage.

In this program were the balance and relaxation are a highlight, the care for your body skin and face are not forgotten. So the program ends with a gentle body exfoliation followed by a moisturizing and mini-facial treatment that will soothe and restore the glow to your skin.

Feel floating and in a deep tranquility state, and with the perfect balance between body and soul.

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