Oriental Spa Journey

Hot Stones Massage (55min), Float session (35min), tea ritual, Himalayan salt body scrub (25min), Ayurveda massage (50min), light meal, Shiatsu or Thai massage (50min).

4h30min | 260€

Embark in an oriental exotic spa journey with Float in and get to know the typical well being treatments from several ancient civilizations.

At the end of this program you will feel your energies completely restored as if you had made a long journey through lands of the East!

4h30min | 260€

More Details about Program

This is the most complete Float in Spa program.

The first stop is Egypt where your senses will be invaded by the warmth of a hot stones massage to balance your energy and relax profoundly. The journey continues to Jordan Dead Sea where you will try the single sensation of floating effortless with no gravity in a unique experience of relaxation with innumerous therapeutic properties.

The next destiny is the Himalayas where you will experience a body scrub with salt from the lost lakes of these mountains. Then you will go to India where the ancient knowledge of ayurveda medicine will be put together for a complete and therapeutic massage done with oils and aromatherapy. Last but not least you may choose where to end your journey: Thailand with an invigorating Thai massage or in Japan with a therapeutic Shiatsu massage.

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