Man Must Package

icon-calendaricon-voucher 2h45min | 125€

Float Session (40min), tea ritual, Back Scrub, Special Relaxing Massage or energizing Oriental Massage and Mini-Facial (1h40min).

The perfect combination of treatments for men. The spa program begins with a float session to remove all stress and deeply relax.

It continues with the tea ritual in the bamboo room previous to the back scrub and a Special Relaxing Massage or an energizing Oriental Massage. In this massage, made with aromatherapy, each muscle is massaged, so you may relax or uplift profoundly, depending on your choice of massage. The program ends with a mini-facial treatment to smooth and hydrate the skin of your face and provide you with a renewed look.

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Watch a video of a Float in package for men here.


This package, as well as all others that include a Float Session, is only available at Float in Spa Rato and Float in Spa Picoas. 

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