Himalayan Energy Package

Float Session (40min), invigorating tea, energizing Oriental Massage and Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with refreshing aloe vera hydration (1h40min).

3h | 130€
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To the vitalizing effects of the float session is added the effects of the energizing oriental Massage and detoxifying scrub with Himalayan salt, finishing with a refreshing aloe vera moisturizing balm that will leave you light, refreshed and rejuvenated.

With this exclusive Float in Spa program, you will feel light and refreshed like the Himalayan breeze. Your skin will stay soft and nourished, and your body and spirit rejuvenated.

3h | 130€

More Details about Program

A Float Session is equivalent to 4/6 hours of sleep, for that and other therapeutic properties, it is perfect to recuperate your energy. After floating for 40minutes, you will feel a “reset” effect to the biological clock, leaving body and mind ready to fully enjoy the effects of the next treatments.

The program continues with the tea ritual where you are offered an invigorating tea from our menu, followed by an Oriental Massage. This Float in signature Massage combines ayurvedic, shiatsu and Thai techniques to release your energy and provide a bigger sense of lightness and muscle relaxation.

The Program ends with an invigorating and refreshing Himalayan Salt Scrub that will detox your body and renew skin cells, followed by a moisturizing aloe vera balm and essential energizing oils of lemongrass, rosemary or mint.

With this exclusive Float in Program, you will feel light and refreshed like the Himalayan breeze. You skin will be soft and nourished, your body and spirit rejuvenated. The stress and tiredness will give place to energy so you can be at your best self.  

This package, as weel as all others that include a Float Session, is only avaliable at Float in SPa Rato and Float in Spa Picoas.

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