Float in Supreme

Special Relaxing Massage (60min), Float Session (40min), tea ritual, Oriental Massage Float in (1h10min)

3h | 140€

Indulge your mind and body with the Package Float in Supreme, where in a single program you will experience the three main treatments in the Float in Spa.

3h | 140€

More Details about Program

Start with Special Relaxation Massage, which involves all your muscles in a generalized sense of tranquility, achieved through relaxation techniques manual and hot stones. This massage includes aromatherapy, is made with oils from the feet to the scalp, with a special attention in the back and shoulders where there are the main tensions.

After the massage, your body and mind are delivered to the aquatic environment of the float session. In the absence of gravity pressure and sensory deprivation, you will float without any effort, and experience a unique sensation that eliminates stress and fatigue, making the effect of "reset" in your biological clock. Then you relax in the tea ritual in the bamboo room, where you can choose your favorite tea in the menu of teas.

Finally, the program ends with an invigorating Massage Oriental Signature Float in held in a tatami , which combines techniques of Ayurvedic and Shiatsu, bringing the ancient wisdom of the East directly to your well being.

With this program you will know the three main treatments in Float, where relaxation, invigoration, oriental massage techniques, floatation, weightlessness and the three hours of immense pleasure, are just some of the ingredients that will make this means your unforgettable day at the spa.

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