Float in Favorites

The preferred treatments by Float in customers


Float Session

icon-calendar  icon-voucher 50min | 50€

icon-calendar  icon-voucher 90min | 70€ 

Imagine experiencing the absence of gravity... Imagine not feeling the weight of your body... (read more)

Special Relaxing Massage

icon-calendar  icon-voucher 1h10min | 70€ 

icon-calendar  icon-voucher 1h30min | 85€ | November Promo 75€

This Float in Signature relaxation massage, performed with bergamot, lavender or ylang ylang essential oils, is the ideal option for those seeking deep relaxation and stress elimination. (read more)

Oriental Float in Massage 

icon-calendar  icon-voucher 1h10min | 70€ 

icon-calendar  icon-voucher 1h30min |  85€ | November Promo 75€

In this Float in massage, several oriental massage techniques like Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Thai are combined in an exclusive way. (read more)

Float in Zen Package

icon-calendar  icon-voucher 2h30min | 105€

The ideal program to relax profoundly and eliminate tension and stress. (read more)

Love Float Package

icon-calendar  icon-voucher 2h15min |  195€ 

Embark on a spa journey of unforgettable moments of romance, pleasure and comfort. (read more)