Institutional Presentation

Float in is a company dedicated to the provision of well-being services located in Lisbon.

Started his activity in October 2008 with the Float Spa located in the Largo do Rato in Lisbon. Can be characterized by the complete dedication to the customer, the quality of service, innovation, and the strong focus on communication.

In Float in Spa, customers can perform different types of spa treatments, especially massages and floatation therapy, being the only company in Lisbon to provide this service.

The company introduced the floatation therapy in Portugal, and created various programs that combine the benefits of this therapy, which already exists in the U.S. since the 60´, with the benefits of different spa treatments and massages.

With Float in the Corporate, the company makes well-being services, such massages and group classes in corporative environment and events.

The demand for welfare services became widespread in the last decade and so, competition is strong in this sector. The Float in distinguishes itself by the following factors:

  • Excellence in customer service
  • Quality of massages
  • Training for all staff constantly aiming to improve the technical qualities.
  • Strong focus on communication, especially for online communication.
  • Provision of floatation therapy
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