Therapeutic Massages

Therapeutic Massage

60min |  70€

This massage is especially indicated to help with the recovery of injuries, eliminate muscle aches and localized tension, also for those who seek a Massage with a stronger pressure. (read more)

Light legs Massage

30min | 40€

Massage performed with refreshing and invigorating oils on the feet and legs to diminish tiredness and muscle fatigue.

The Massage stimulates circulation, especially indicated to relieve swollen leg symptoms. (read more)

Foot Massage

25min | 30€

The feet are the base of our body and therefore needs redoubled care. Enjoy a ritual that includes exfoliation and reflexology techniques in key points of your feet to give you a feeling of generalized well-being. (read more)


30min | 40€
60min | 60€

This natural practice of medicine uses pressure in key points of the feet and hands to stimulate an energy flow that will run throughout the whole body. (read more)

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