Special Relaxing Massage

1h10min | 70€
1h30min | 85€

Float in Spa signature Relaxing Massage, ideal for those who seek a deep mental and physical relaxation to eliminate stress.

In this treatment, all of your body is massaged, from the toes to the head, passing though the torso, arms and scalp. A prolonged and deeper massage is done to the back and shoulders, which are the areas where muscle tension is greater.

1h10min | 70€
1h30min | 85€

More Details on a Massage

Known for its therapeutic and relaxing properties, volcanic stones are used to massage the main muscles of the body, relaxing them completely. The natural movements of the massage blended with the hot stones will give you a sense of comfort and relaxation.

The massage is performed with oils and organic essences of bergamot, lavender or ylang ylang, finishing with a soft facial massage and moisturizing balm.

At the beginning you may choose a stronger of softer pressure as well as a 1h10minutes or 1h30minutes massage, according to your preference.

With the Float in Zen Program, you can combine this Massage with a Float Session for a more complete program that will leave you in a higher state of relaxation.

Travel to the clouds with this Float in signature Relaxing Massage.

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