Relaxing Massage

60min | 65€

The Traditional Relaxing Massage, also known as Swedish massage, is performed with oils and aromatherapy that incorporate relaxing essences.

With slow, deep and engaging movements, it is ideal for a deep relaxation.

The sequence of the several techniques of the massage flow at a steady and paced rhythm, from the legs to the rest of the body, ending with a facial massage.

60min | 65€

More Details on a Massage

Despite being a relaxing massage, its pressure can be deeper if wished so. After the massage you may continue to relax in the calm environment of one of the Float in Relaxing Rooms, bathed in natural light, where we will invite you to perform the Tea Ritual.It’s the ideal massage to be done regularly, appropriate for everyone who wishes to relax.

You can acquire this massage individually or in a pack of 4 massages for the price of 170€ or in a pack of 8 massages for the price of 330€.

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