Oriental Float in Massage

1h10min | 70€ | September Promo 63€
1h30min | 85€

In this Float in Spa exclusive massage, several ancient oriental techniques are used such as Shiatsu (Japan), Ayurvedic (India) and Thai Massage.

This Massage is performed with oils throughout the body using sliding and stretching techniques, with a deeper than usual pressure.

This provides an immediate relief of stress symptoms and an unique feeling of lightness.

 1h10min | 70€ | September Promo 63€
1h30min | 85€

More Details on a Massage

This massage is performed on a tatami (massage mat) in order to be able to have the full freedom of movements to execute all the stretches and movements. The massage can last 1h10min or 1h30min, according to preference.

It is characterized by its intense rhythm and strong pressure, a must to the fans of strong massages. This Float in Spa Signature Massage can be performed on anyone except pregnant women and people with reduced mobility.

Submit your senses to this unique and exotic massage, only here at Float in Spa.

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