Lymphatic Drainage

30min | 40€

Treatment performed by gentle and rhythmic movements, and constant manual pressure exerted along the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic drainage generates a molecular stimulation in the body that eliminates toxins and waste water, responsible for the formation of lumps of fat.

This treatment decreases the body volume, improves blood circulation and accelerates the metabolism favoring the disappearance of accumulated fat and cellulite. Lymphatic drainage also promotes a healthier skin, caused by better oxygenation of the same.

30min | 40€

More details about Lymphatic Drainage

Can be made ​​to any person, for therapeutic or aesthetic purposes, unless there is a medical contraindication.

Like all massages in Float Spa, is performed by qualified professionals.

In just one session you can check some effects, however, lymphatic drainage should be performed regularly in ongoing treatment for the best results.


* Packs for single use with the validity of 90 days.