Love Float Package

Float for Two (40min), tea ritual, Oriental Massage for Two (60min)

2h15min | 195€

Embark on an invigorating Spa trip with unforgettable moments of romance and well-being. This is the Float in Spa program most sought after by lovers.

This program starts with the unique experience provided by a Float Session. In the absence of gravity and in an aquatic environment of total tranquility, the two lovers will deeply relax mind and body and eliminate all stress, feeling as light as a feather.

2h15min | 195€

More details about Program

A Float Session equals 4/6 hours of sleep and restores energy. In addition to an unique feeling of lightness and well-being, the flotation will also prepare the body and mind to fully enjoy the massage, as the muscles become warm and the mind is taken away from the stress of everyday life.

After the Flotation, the tea ritual is held in the calm environment of one of our Relaxation Rooms, bathed in natural light. In this ritual, you can choose your favorite infusion from the Float in menu.

Finally, lying side by side on a mat, in a romantic candlelit environment, the couple will receive the exotic Oriental Massage, a signature massage by Float in. In this aromatherapy massage, several Ayurvedic, Shiatsu and Thai massage techniques are used to leave the pair walking on air. This intense massage provides a deep muscular relaxation and an unique sensation of invigoration. The massage is performed with essential oils of Spanish Rosemary, Lemongrass or Ylang Ylang whose aphrodisiac properties make this program even more romantic.

The perfect program to restore energy and to share unique moments of complicity and pleasure that you find exclusively in Float in spa.

This package, as well as all Float in packages that include a Float Session, is only available at Float in Spa Rato and Float in Spa Picoas.

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