Energy Ritual for Two

Detoxifying Scrub and New Energy Massage for Two

1h40min | 185€
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A Signature Float in Ritual specially design to renew the energy, in a experience for two. It includes an exfoliation, an invigorating Massage and a Detox to be shared side by side in Float in Spa rooms.

The New Energy Massage, a signature Float in massage, is an invigorating, anti-stress and detox massage that treats all the muscles of your body.

The detoxification exfoliation performed with Himalayan salt detoxifies the body and removes dead skin cells. By combining the unique effects of New Energy Massage with a Detox Exfoliation, the couple will feel refreshed, renewed and with a smooth, velvety skin.

1h40min | 185€

More Details about this Ritual

This ritual for two starts with a Detox Exfoliation performed throughout the body remove impurities and dead skin cells.

Himalayan salt, collected in the Himalayan mountains, is considered the purest salt rich in minerals, detoxifying your body.

Then, side by side, with candles spread troughout the room, the couple receives the New Energy Massage. A unique combination of relaxationand anti-stress techniques, with stretching, essential oils and Aloe Vera.

During the massage, the stretches performed promote the flexibility and the decrease of accumulated tensions, offering a greater sensation of invigoration to the couple.

This treatment also promotes the detoxification and elimination of fluids and toxins by performing a Lymphatic Drainage, performed in an area choosen by the client.

Finally, the couple enjoy the tea ritual in the relaxation room where they can relax and share unique moments of complicity with 100% natural infusions exclusive of Float in Spa. A ritual that gives the couple the energy they need to be at their best every day.

In Float in Spa Belém, this ritual can only be performed simultaneously in separated rooms.

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