Float in Rituals

Woman Spa Ritual

Gentle Exfoliation, a Relaxing Massage or Lymphatic Drainage, Body Hydration and a mini-facial.

1h40min | 95€

The main Treatments dedicated to the needs of female beauty, combined in a complete Ritual.

A relaxing and beauty treatment dedicated to the needs of woman, including a gentle exfoliation, a Relaxing Massage or Lymphatic Drainage, body hydration and a mini-facial.

1h40min | 95€

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This Program begins with a gentle exfoliation throughout the body to eliminate impurities and dead skin cells and as a preparation for the next Treatments. Then, a Massage with deep and involving movements that will reduce muscle tensions, from the tip of the toes to the scalp where a moisturizing balm is used to leave your skin soft and nourished. Finally, the treatment ends with a Facial treatment to balance and bring back your skin naturals light.

After 1h40minutes of pure pleasure you will feel relaxed and with your skin healthy and hydrated.

This spa ritual can also include a lymphatic drainage instead of a relaxing massage, if your goal is to eliminate toxins from your body.

Himalaya Energy Ritual

Detox exfoliation, Oriental Massage and refreshing hydration.

1h40min | 95€
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A combination of float in exclusive Massages, indicated to eliminate stress, muscle tensions, detoxify, invigorate and refresh.

1h40min | 95€

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The ritual initiates with an invigorating Himalayan salt exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and toxins. This salt, from the Himalayan Mountains is known for its therapeutic properties.

The treatment continues with a complete 1h10minutes massage that combines ayurvedic and shiatsu techniques to invigorate the spirit and deeply relax all muscles of your body.

This exotic Massage, great as an anti-stress Massage, is performed with essential oils with invigorating properties such as lemongrass, rosemary or peppermint. These oils together mixed with ale vera will hydrate, regenerate and nourish your skin.

At the end you will light, renewed with your skin soft and your energy restored.  

Pure & Detox Ritual

Detox Exfoliation, an Envelopment with Dead Sea mud, a tea ritual, and ends with aNew Energy Massage or Modeling Massage/Anti-Cellulite

2h15min | 120€
Programa Energia himalaias Spa Lisboa

In this Float in spa exclusive ritual, the exfoliation with Himalayan salt prepares the skin for the purifying envelopment with Dead Sea Mud that will eliminate all toxins and skin impurities as well as providing anti-cellulite and regenerating properties.

After the envelopment, you will be asked to attend the tea ritual in the bamboo room, the relaxing room where you can have a tea with detoxifying effects.

At last, the treatment ends with a New Energy Massage to favor the elimination of liquid residues and localized fat.

Purify and detoxify your body with this complete float in spa ritual.   

2h15min | 120€
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